Ray Mack

Ray Mack

Ray Mack is a Realtor with Blackstream Christie’s International Real Estate and part of the Damian Hall Group team of luxury agents. He has been consistently sought after in the realm of real estate for almost a decade. Yet, it was only when the esteemed opportunity to join forces with the Damian Hall Group and the iconic Christie’s International Real Estate presented itself that Ray decided to fully embrace the world of luxury property.

This alignment was no coincidence; the Damian Hall Group resonated with Ray's deep-seated values of care and meticulous attention to detail, while Christie’s offered an unparalleled connection to the art world and legacy rich in history.

With Blackstream® | Christie's International Real Estate as his platform, Ray channels his profound passion for design, antiques, and architecture. This has culminated in his specialization in high-end restorations, bespoke remodels, and custom designs. In the luxury real estate landscape of the Carolinas, Ray Mack is the embodiment of architectural finesse and refined craftsmanship.

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This isn't just a job, it's my life. I wake up in the morning focused on your goals and eager to make your life easier. Bottom line, I'm here to help guide you to the best result... not just the result that's most convenient.

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Ray Mack